First Release Posted

First version posted ! Release 0.1 is now available.

Source Code Repository Available

Move over to OpenSVN who are kindly hosting the code for me.

What is TupleSpace ?

TupleSpace is a free, lightweight, non-distributed and tested Linda-like TupleSpace specification and implementation.

Okay then, what's a TupleSpace ?

A TupleSpace is a region where objects can be put. Some kind of unordered Collection.

Right, you trying to be funny, or what ? Why would I use a TupleSpace ?

Thought you'd never ask… You would use a TupleSpace to coordinate work between multiple threads, without synchronization.

Heresy ! You need synchronization to access shared data structures !

Yes, the implementation needs it, but you don't !

See the tutorial for more information.

If this is so cool, why haven't I heard about it before ?

You probably heard about it, but you haven't realized it at the time. See the references section for existing literature about Linda and Linda implementations. Logo